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The New Day Experience
Our Story | Meet Our Staff

Management Team


Li Jun
Founder & Director
Li Jun and his wife founded New Day in 1993. His core vision for New Day Creations is to pay employees a fair wage, provide safe working conditions, and to offer helpful training for employees in finance, marriage, parenting and other meaningful life classes.

Byron Brenneman (Bai Bo Rong)
Board Chairman
Byron and his wife Karen moved to China from New York City in 1995 and have served on the leadership Board at New Day since 1996. They have three daughters who are all living in the States. Byron enjoys a strong cup of coffee, chatting with people, riding bikes, doing business and giving lectures.

Li Chao Hui
Factory Manager
Li Chao Hui is our factory manager. She is from Henan and has been at New Day for 11 years. She has two small daughters that keep her very busy. She enjoys traveling and sports. Chao Hui is very outing going and cheerful.

Yin Hong Yi (Helen)
Financial Supervisor
Helen is from Beijing and has been working at New Day for 15 years when it was founded. She is in charge of the companies finance. She graduated from the top university in China, Qing Hua University. Helen and her husband have alittle daughter that is always happy. Helen's main hobby is playing with her daughter.

Li Ai Jun (Leeann)
International Sales
Leeann was born on July ,1979 in Hebei province, She graduated from Nan Chang University in Jang Xi province where she majored in English. She has worked at New Day since April,2006. She enjoys watching movies, swimming, and mountain climbing. She has been doing international sales for 6 years.

Wang Li You (Leland)
Sculptor & Product Designer
Leland is a designer from Beijing with over 15 years designing experience. He has been designing at New Day since 2005. He is married to Tonya and they have a son. He really enjoys singing, and he is also a really good cook. He has been told before that his chicken wings are among the best in the world.

Zhang Haifeng
Sculptor & Product Designer
Born in Anhui province, Zhang Haifeng has enjoyed fine arts since Childhood. He studied folk clay sculpture in the sculpture Research School at the Chinese Folk Culture Art Research institute in 1996. After graduation, he worked as a sculptor for many companies before he came to Beijing in 2005. Over the years, his designs have won a silver medal of Beijing Tourist Souvenirs and a bronze medal of Cultural Presents. He has worked at New Day since 2005.

Cheng Cui Min
Product Painter
Cheng Cui min is from Beijing and has worked at New Day for 15 years. She enjoys singing. She is modest yet confidence in her work.

Jia Wan Min
Factory Supervisor
Jia Wan Min is from Beijing and has been at New Day for 11 years. She is in charge of making products and prepping the products. She likes singing, traveling and working at New Day.

Li Wen Ling
Product Maker
Li Wen Ling is from Hunan province. H has been working since 2008. He is in charge of making models. Other co-workers say he is really smart and that he likes to work using brain. He loves spicy food and he likes to play card games.

Li Ya Jun
Head Product Painter & Supervisor
Li Ya Jun is from Beijing and has been working at New Day for 12 years. She is in charge of paint mixing and making product samples. She likes listening to music and watching movie. She is very responsible and joyful.



Chadwick Parker (Pan Cha De)
Director of Digital Media
Chadwick and his wife Amber moved from the Savannah,GA to New Day in Jan. 2009. Chadwick and his wife had the opportunity to visit New Day during the summer of 2007. After returning home they had a great desire to return to New Day. Chadwick graduated from Milligan College with a bachelor's degree in Digital Media. He enjoys designing,skateboarding, playing wii, and spending time with friends.

Hu Chun Xiang (Tonya)
Office Secretary & Payment Clerk
Tonya is from Hubei and has been at New Day for 5 years. Tonya and Leland are married and have a little son which is handsome. She enjoys traveling a lot. Tonya also loves working at New Day.

Gu Xin Fang
Gu Xin Fang is from from Beijing and has been at New Day for 5 years. She is in charge of receiving and paying money. She likes to do housework and watch TV. She has a very cute daughter that is very skilled at drawing. Gu is a very tender and kind person.

Li Shu Ping

Painting Director
Li Shu Ping is from Henan province and has been in Beijing for 15 years. She works at New Day for 7 years. She has over 10 years of painting experience. She is very competent in her work.

Liu Cai Hon (Rainbow)
Product Designer
Rainbow joined New Day in 2009. She is in currently working as a product designer. Her english name is a direct translation of her Chinese name. Rainbow graduated from Zhongnan University with a bachelor's degree in Design. Before coming to New Day she worked making watch and jewelry designs. She enjoys singing, dancing, badminton and drawing, but her favorite hobby is designing.

Shi Ya Juan
Product Painter
Shi Ya Juan is from Beijing and has worked at New Day for 8 years. She is a skilled member in our painting department. She likes music and dancing. She is a kind, generous, and hospitable to people.

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