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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

Jan 2018



Nora Mei, Cooper, and Elias have left to join their families.


The results came back and left us completely speechless…

We had Goosebumps….
The girls were biological SISTERS!

To read the full story click HERE


In January, Anna (Beijing), Hope (Beijing) and Han (Vietnam) had heart surgery and have recovered well. Wei who is here for temporary medical care had surgery to place a feeding tube.


Maggie- has had a cornea transplant in her right eye and will need one for her left eye in the near future. The surgeon’s are amazed at how she has recovered from the first transplant and with how well she is seeing in that eye. We love to see the joy she has as she explores the world she can now see.



Join us in welcoming Everrit, Hope and Kelly to our New Day family.



For the impossible to happen you need to step out, take risk and put yourself in an impossible situation.

Chen: Upon arrival at New Day in November Chen was taken directly to the hospital for emergency surgery. The surgeons were not hopeful (they told us, “There is no hope!”) on the outcome but agreed to go ahead with surgery. November 24, 2017 Chen had emergency surgery to place a shunt to remove excess fluid from his brain. Then on December 1, 2017 he had surgery to remove the tumor. Chen is still in the hospital fighting for his life.

Anna is blind, deaf and just had heart surgery. We are believing the impossible for her.

Joshua is in need of a liver transplant.


With children in Guangdong required to return to their orphanages, just getting notification that Henan Province is requiring their children to return (Tracy has to return), and Beijing land being reclaimed – 2018 will be the year of change as we work out a plan to soar high, dream the impossible and remain full of hope….increasing our influence as we do so. We will keep you informed as we take steps forward.


Our children always love celebrating holidays. Check out them decorating, making gingerbread houses, crafts and opening gifts.


New Day North's special focus is orphaned children with long-term developmental needs. The vision for helping these children includes two parts: Transformation Centers, operating within government orphanages in close cooperation with the orphanage staff and leadership. Training Center, located in the capital city, where specialists train local coaches who coordinate the transformation centers, and provide coaching for the nannies. 2018 looks like a year of amazing opportunities for New Day North, as plans are underway to expand to a total of THREE Transformation Centers in orphanages in three different cities in Inner Mongolia.


The province-wide recall of children in private foster care last year is still limiting New Day South's operation going into 2018. However, several of our partner orphanages have continued to ask for help with children whose medical need cannot be met by their local hospitals. In response, we have opened a smaller facility near the best children’s hospital in our region where we are now focused on providing surgeries and temporary medical care for a smaller number of children. While we hope to return to full operation in the future, we are very grateful that we are still able to make a difference for the children most in need.



We are very excited about the opportunities before us as we go into our 2nd year of operation in south Vietnam. In addition to helping orphaned children, we are also helping disadvantaged families who are not able to provide the medical care their children need. We have now provided medical evaluation and treatment for 9 children (including 5 heart surgeries.) In addition to providing surgery and follow-up care, we hope to establish a "home-like" facility near the best hospitals in the region where children and families from rural locations can stay during their time of medical need.



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