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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

January, 2014


In 2013 we were excited that 29 children were able to join their forever families. Each adoption is a time to rejoice and celebrate.

Since our last newsletter nine children were adopted. Our first adoption this year will be in February. We pray this will be the first of many.

Miracles Continue

2013 was a record year for surgeries and we've already started off strong in 2014. We'd like to highlight one of those surgeries. Here is Iris' amazing story.

Iris was admitted into the PICU ward of the Army hospital upon her arrival to Beijing, a place that would become her home for the next five weeks. For nearly two weeks she lay alone in an ICU bed, medical staff and monitors as her only companions. On December 4th, the doctors told us that Iris needed to have surgery immediately. Her condition was stable, but Iris was very weak and by no means ready for a major open-heart surgery. But without immediate surgery, Iris would deteriorate and she could lose her small window of opportunity. Read how she overcame all odds.

In the "not out of the woods and still fighting for their lives" category we have Albert and Reese who need the miracle of a new livers.

Alone in ICU
Her Bio

No longer alone
Read More

New Day North

The New Day North team continues to support several Inner Mongolia orphanages and are seeing amazing transformations. The team travels weekly to local orphanages, helping the staff assess children developmentally and nutritionally, and providing training and guidance for their therapy and education programs. As the eager staff at these orphanages implement improvements, children's lives are changing.

Weiwei is one of the children who has experienced a transformation. He was born blind and, though his caregivers knew he was smart, Weiwei spent his whole day either in bed or curled up in a corner, too scared of the dark world around him to discover it. Read More



Celebrating Holidays

We love to party and we have plenty of opportunities this time of year. From Christmas though Chinese New Year (December through January) it's a non-stop party.

- A time for Presents
- Decorating
- And more decorating

- A time for family
- Decorating
- Fun performances

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