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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

February 2009

Hurray! Its finally here. Our new website has been successfully launched. We sure hope you like it.

Hurray, Hurray! This is what its all about. Since our last newsletter five children have been adopted. Lillian, Samantha, Cole, Luke and Anna are all having the time of their young lives.

For the surgery update this time around we would like to feature Bess. We had just gone through a number of serious cases so we thought we deserved an easy one. Bess seemed to be a very simple, straightforward case. Were we ever wrong! She had to be rushed to the hospital soon after she arrived at New Day. Her heart was so unstable that she was put into an induced coma. A few days later when her heart stabilized she went straight into emergency surgery from which she has recovered beautifully.

In addition to Bess, Tristan, Debra and Polly all had heart surgery and Chun Li had palate surgery.

Our new arrivals are Bess (heart), Debra (heart) and Hai Feng (blind C we brought him in for testing because it was suspected he had a tumor but tests revealed that his blindness is congenital).

Also newly arrived is Forest (cleft lip & palate and unknown issues). He had been part of our Luoyang foster family project. For unexplainable reasons he began to deteriorate and was taken to Shanghai for tests which revealed nothing. He continued to deteriorate and became so sick that he could not be placed back in the foster family. His orphanage asked if we could bring him to Beijing where more tests could be done. He arrived so emaciated and seemed to have lost his will to live. He looked so pitiful that it brought many of our staff to tears. He could not even lift his own head. People began to pray and before long he began to gain weight and strength. After seven weeks he has gained eight pounds and is now walking. Last week he began preschool. It is so wonderful to see that his will to live has returned and the beautiful smile back on his face.

With our growing history of providing medical care to critically ill orphans, we often find ourselves with an increasingly longer list of children needing our help. When a child dies while waiting for space at our facility, the loss is especially agonizing. We launched New Day Healing Home in early 2008 so we could say "Yes" to more children in need of surgery and specialized medical care. In late December 2008 we moved into a new facility that can care for up to 9 children at a time.

You will want to check these fun times at New Day - Chinese New Year, Valentine s Day and a snow day!

We know that the current financial crisis has hit many of our friends and supporters rather hard, but it has not kept you from continuing to be generous. On behalf of all the children at New Day we want to say thank you from the depth of our hearts and we pray that God would bless you and provide for your every need.

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