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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

April 3, 2006

The Western Front
Under the Knife
New Arrivals
Good news!

The Western Front

Tacheng ĘC We were greeted again with a warm welcome from the cold North West and a warm Kazak meal complete with sheep's head and an opportunity, as the honored guest, to pronounce a blessing on the host family. We recently spent a few days with those we're partnering with to build the center that will care for the orphans and elderly in this area. The plan continues to unfold in this far away place to do good and be a blessing.
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Hohot- The milk project is up and running. Recently, family physician and friend from Virginia, Dr. Hatter, joined the team that goes to Hohot and does the monthly checkups for this project. The children are doing well. When the team returned they brought back with them a child (Charlie) with an abdominal hernia and spina bifida. Although he is very weak and malnourished the doctor says we need to do surgery soon because it's too dangerous to wait.
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Under the Knife
Charlie & Brett are currently in the hospital. Brett had successful hernia surgery yesterday and Charlie's is scheduled for next week. Alex & Jabez had palate surgery. Alex, who at two was unable to speak, now after the surgery is beginning to talk.

They came from across China, as far away as Tibet; orphanages sent reps to New Day for a week of training, fun and relationship building. We started off with two wonderful days of training lead by the Little Lighthouse (USA) and a dentist from the UK. It was followed by two fun filled days of sightseeing and games. All the participants left with a great feeling ĘC asking us to do it again next year and issued invitations to provide similar training at their orphanages.
*Attention Dentists - there is a special need for you since most orphanages do not have access to dental care.
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Recently five more children have been adopted (four in one week). Charity, who had been waiting a very, very long time, was finally joined with her amazing family. Of course we're all envious of Jared who left with his new family to Hawaii. Kendra, Trinity, and Sarah (Luoyang) were also adopted.

New Arrivals
Micah, (heart surgery & asthma) Amelia, (heart surgery) Charlie, (spina bifida, abdominal hernia) and Gary (cleft lip & palate) have all joined the New Day family.

Good news!

Brett has been matched with a family. His story was featured in Crown Financial magazine were his soon to be mom read about him. This is really what it's all about - from a child grasping for life and no family to one full of life and having a family making plans to come and get him.

Finally, we were all blessed by Dr. Hatter and his great team from Virginia (Byron's hometown). What a special group of people displaying such warm southern hospitality. Everyone at New Day absolutely loved them and now they understand why Byron is such a nice guy.
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