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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

April 3, 2007

New arrivals
Things are changing
Spring has arrived!

Aaron's cleft lip surgery has really changed his looks.
Zoe had a skin graft on her hand to repair the results of a burn injury.
Joseph's orphanage called asking for help with a Mega-colon surgery that couldn't be done in his city. He arrived on April 7th a very sick little boy and went right to the hospital. They ran tests and stabilized his condition and on April 26th he had a successful 4 hour surgery. After the surgery the surgeon showed us the 10 inches of colon that they removed. We're happy to report that he is recovering very well!

New arrivals:
In addition to the above mentioned Joseph, Megan & Mary recently arrived from a new location. Although they are a year old, they are developmentally just like a three month old and very weak. We haven't seen such sick babies for a long time. They both need heart surgery. The day after Megan arrived we had to rush her to the hospital with severe pneumonia and the doctors were afraid of heart failure. Both girls are now improving and we hope to schedule their surgeries this month.

And then there is Luke. We first met him on a trip to Jiangxi to begin a new formula project. The orphanage asked if we could help since they had been told that nothing could be done for him. The hospital in Beijing says they can do his surgery for a severe heart condition.

Chloe, Janai and Isabelle are leaving next week to join their adoptive families.

New government policies have made it necessary for Tyler, Jabez and Justice to return to their home province. They went right into foster homes and will stay there until they are adopted. Jabez & Justice did well with this change, Tyler did not. The good news is that they will attend preschool together everyday.

Things are changing:
These new policies are causing us to rethink our method of operation and make new plans that will help more children. It's all good.

Speaking of new methods, Tacheng has been a very special opportunity and might be a model of the future. We are thankful for the favour New Day has with the local officials. The facility is well kept and they have named me as honorary director. Next week we go to Tacheng with a medical team to help setup the medical clinic that we are helping to furnish.

Spring has arrived!:
Our playground was falling apart; a victim of the weather conditions in Beijing. Just one day after we noted this on the web site Mr. He Songtao came forward and funded the replacement of the entire thing.

The kids planted plants, flew kites, celebrated Easter by painting eggs and then hunting for them and went shopping for baby animals.

Swedish TV came and interviewed us and filmed the children.

We took Jeremy & Felicity in for their scheduled heart surgery. The hospital did pre-surgery tests and amazingly they told us to take them home. Unlike the previous medical reports showing that they were in need of surgery, now they found nothing wrong. This is Jeremy's second miracle in that after his lung surgery the doctors didn't think he would make it. Ten days later he was released from the hospital.

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