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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

April 2011

Spring is in the air…….

No longer lonely


We started off the year with a fast pace of adoptions and the trend continues.

In Psalms 68 God promised to place the lonely in homes. This is every child’s heart cry, to no longer be lonely but to have their very own family. This dream came true for five more children, bringing the total to eleven so far this year. Celebrate with Heidi, Miranda, Logan, Lindsey and Samantha that they are no longer lonely. We are looking forward to celebrating with 17 others that have been matched with a forever family.

As we celebrated with the lonely being placed in homes we rejoiced that this enabled us to bring in six new children to join our New Day family. Welcome Kendra, Ella, Sage, Roy, Hope and Jonah.

Taking the First Step
After arrival, the second step in the children’s lives is to have surgery. Surgery brings them closer to the end goal- health and a family. Landon, Raegan, Jayce and Anton have taken that step. Anton had a long battle with this step and is not yet finished. Time after time his surgery had to be delayed because he wasn’t strong enough to handle surgery. On April 20th he was finally able to have his first heart surgery. He is now one step closer to having his very own family.

New Life

Checking out
the Spoils


Spring is always a fun time of year- coloring eggs, making bunny ears, Easter egg hunt and bubbling laughter.

An audiologist came to check and clean our children’s ears. A dentist also came and treated all the children.

Now our children have sparkling teeth and excellent hearing.

It doesn't hurt.

Open Wide!

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