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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

August 23, 2006

New Land
It was on Chinese New Year, as the sky of our local village was lit up with fireworks, we suddenly noticed smoke and flames coming from the local government building right next to New Day. Soon the entire area was full of fire trucks and firemen but it was too late, the building was destroyed. A week or so later the local government informed us that they were not going to rebuild their offices at that location and wondered if we would be interested in renting the property. We were delight because our current space is inadequate and this would give us much needed room to expand. But it was not meant to be, at least not yet. We were disappointed when they contacted us again to inform us that they had a given the property to someone else with a 30 year lease. Although months passed by some did not give up hope. Sure enough, a week ago the local government again gave us a call and said the contract with the other client fell through and offered us the property. Before they had a chance to change their mind we signed the contract and have taken possession of the property. We are very excited about the opportunities this will give us to grow and make an impact in more lives.
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New Project
We're launching the Taiyuan formula project and training. Because of the great success of the Hohot formula project, Taiyuan has requested our help in setting up a formula project for them. All the arrangements have been made and even as you receive this letter we are in Taiyuan getting it started.
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Just in Time
Current surgery updates: Amelia(heart - completed), Micah (heart - completed), Charlie (Spina bifida surgery ĘC scheduled 8/25), and Melody (blocked bowl - completed). This one was unexpected. We received her from the orphanage as, what we thought, a healthy child. However her alert foster mother felt something wasn't quite right. After several days of persistent pressure by the foster mother and our staff, one doctor realized that Melody was in fact much sicker then was first thought. They immediately scheduled an emergency surgery. The three hour surgery was successful and the doctor said if they would have waited any longer it would have been too late.

Good news! Gary, Elizabeth, Dylan, Della Rose and Cindy have been adopted. Seven more kids have been matched.

We have received many inquires about Chloe, a new albino child, from folks who are interested in adopting her. Her orphanage had not submitted her adoption papers because they thought that she was not adoptable. They have since filed her papers and it looks like she will have some parents of her very own in the not too distant future. This good news for Chloe speaks well for our newest arrival, Bella, who is also an albino. Stay tuned as two new babies needing heart surgery arrive this week.

Glad to see them come and sad to see them go. For nearly one year Tamara and Lydia worked very hard for the kids as intern volunteers. We will miss their sweet spirits and hard work ethic. They have certainly raised the bar high for all the other interns that follow them.
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Happy Birthday to Caleb, Amelia, Brett and Daniel.
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