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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

September 26, 2007

Hi New Day Foster Home Friends,

The following is a rundown of the recent surgeries completed.

Philip- two surgeries: Hydrocephalus and Spina bifida.
Megan ¨C heart surgery
Vanessa- heart surgery. It was a close call for her. What was expected to be a four hour surgery turned out to be seven. When they tried to restart her heart it wouldn't start. So they had to put her back on bypass and correct the pulmonary artery because the pressure was too high. After surgery the doctor wasn't sure if she would survive. But she did and is doing wonderful now.
Jeremy- we weren't sure if he was a boy or girl. From the CT scan they couldn't tell if he had testicles or uterus. A biopsy was done and he had testicles. So he is a boy. Corrective surgery was done.
Jade- heart surgery
Mary ¨C heart surgery
Keith ¨C heart surgery
Jeff - 2nd hypospadia surgery
Stacey- colostomy reversal and intestinal blockage repair

Our new arrivals this time around are Benjamin, Annie, William, Naomi and Brett. Later this week three more babies will be arriving from Xinjiang and Hohhot. One has a leg deformity, one has a hemangioma, and one will need heart surgery. Their pictures will be up on the website later this week.

On the recently adopted list we have Esther, Andrew, Charlie, Jacob, Micah and Caleb. Ruth almost made the list this time, she will be leaving on Sept 27th to join her family. Up to this point we have had 85 children adopted. If you can remember please pray for Jeff that he gets adopted soon. The clock is ticking on his paper work and he has not yet been matched. If it doesn't happen in the next few months it might not every happen.

You might be interested to know that we are expanding our pre-school and adding a physical therapy room. We're excited about what this will mean for the kids.

An answered prayer - following an hour long program on Beijing TV featuring New Day- someone donated a car in excellent condition with low mileage.

The kids have been busy this summer. Check out the scrapbook and see what's happeningĦ­.

Digging peanuts
Picking grapes
Work Teams
Medical team
Hilton Beijing visit
Dance classes
Clown visiting
Dress up
Picking peaches
Visiting Wall Ice Cream factory

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