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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

September 13, 2008

In this update we would like focus on several special children - Judson, Elise, Liuyi and Virginia.

Judson has an incredible story of surviving a cold night by the train tracks in the high elevation of the Qinghai province. He was just a newborn who was only given a 10% chance of survival but 10% was all he needed. You can read his entire story here.
Click Here

Elise is currently in Hong Kong preparing for a complicated surgery. She is being operated on by a marvellous group of specialists who are donating their time and expertise. Following the surgery she will be required to remain in the hospital, since she will be in a body cast, for 4 months.

Finally there is Liuyi & Virginia 每 they fought and fought and fought to live but in the end they did not make it. But they did not die as one abandon. People all over the world were praying for them 每 which is quite amazing if you think about it. Virginia and Luiyi were unknown orphans 每 but they had people around the world that cared for them. And when news of their passing came, there were tears and emotions for these little orphans. Their lives mattered. To all the people who emailed me offering words of encouragement 每 thank you so much!

Let me introduce some new arrivals

  • a. Five new children in our Hohhot project, bringing the total number of children to ten in this project. The original five have experienced dramatic improvement since first arriving in their foster homes, which once again proves the point that children do great when they are placed with loving families.
  • b. Five new children in the healing home 每 Adam, Liam (these two are serious cases and will probably end up staying with us) Chunli & Meijuan who have arrived for cleft lip and palate surgery and finally Xiao Xue who isn't like most children who come to New Day. Xiao Xue, Chunli and Meijuan will return to their foster homes in their home provinces once they recover.
  • c. Four new children in our Beijing Foster Home. Owen, Cameron, Judson and Virginia


Recently adopted- Leah; with Ben and Emma leaving on Monday to join their adoptive families.

Here is a report on completed surgeries: Noah (heart); Liuyi (heart) passed away; Trey (heart) he was given only a 50/50 chance and his surgery was only three days after Luiyi passed away - this always makes it a little more nerve racking; Cameron (heart) his is complicated and since he was so weak and his pulmonary arteries so underdeveloped they did a shunt and in six months he will need a second surgery; Judson (gastroskisis);
Jeremy (hypospadia)

Fun and Games
In keeping with the festivities of the Beijing Olympics we had our very own mini-Olympics. We even had the Olympic torch 每 not the real one of course - but the kids got to make their own, which to them was even better. We held several events and of course an amazing medal ceremony. However I think the real prize was when we topped off the day with McDonalds.
Olympic preparation
Our Village's Opening Ceremony
Our Mini-Olympics
And more fun-
The need for speed
A Day in the Vineyard

Finally we're so excited about our PT program which is up and running and I would like to introduce you to our new PT, Linda, who is doing well. Thank you everyone who helped make our therapy room possible.

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