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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

October 17, 2005

Goodbyes and Welcomes
Medical Updates
ˇ°Purple Monthˇ±

How time flies! We've been busy with many wonderful things and we suddenly realized it's been two months since our last letter.

Goodbyes and welcomes

We're saying goodbye to Grace, Zane, John, Jonathan, Matthew & Eve who have all been matched or adopted! There is always a sense of satisfaction to see children arrive weak and bleak and leave strong with a Mom and Dad.

When Zane's parents arrived to pick him up, he immediately recognized them from their pictures that had been sent ahead. He ran and got the pictures just to double check and then ran to his father and would not let him go. Several hours later as they pulled away in a car waving good bye, Zane was still happily clinging to his new mom and dad.

Each child has their own amazing story. A recent visitor, XuWeiXing of the Beijing Religious Affairs Bureau, suggested we put together some of these happy stories in a brochure so we can easily share them with others. Good idea! So we have started a collection of Children's Amazing Stories.

With many goodbyes (children being adopted) we have a lot of welcomes and that means opportunities for more amazing stories.

Opportunities to help

We welcome eleven new kids: Caleb, Tabitha, Eve, Peter, Rachel. We also welcome Timothy, Abel, Lily and Ruth who all arrived in one day. Sean and Sarah have joined our ranks in the Luoyang branch. The children come from, Taiyuan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tianjin and Luoyang. The medical needs of these children include heart surgery, cleft palate, anal atresia, right ear auricle clausura, and cochlear implant.

Medical updates:

Peter - The doctors say that medically nothing more can be done for him. All we can do is take him home and wait for him to die. He is gaining weight and he is happy but he is a very sick little boy. We continue to look for other options and a miracle.

Samantha - had successful surgery to correct congenital adrenal hyperplasia. She is now on hormone & growth treatment. Samantha has also been matched and her adoption should be completed in a couple of months.

Unnamed 10 day old infant - As I'm writing this letter we just received a phone call from Xinjiang requesting our help to save a 10 day old girl who will die unless she receives emergency surgery. The hospital in Xinjiang cannot do the surgery. We made some calls and found Beijing University Hospital can do the surgery and has a bed to receive her. We have made arrangements for her to come in tomorrow and will take care of the surgery which will run about $3,000. We will let you know how it all works out.

Suzanne Maslo, a dentist from Pittsburg, stopped in for a visit. All the kids had dental experience by not only getting their teeth looked at but they also become dental assistants.

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ˇ°Purple Monthˇ±

To celebrate ˇ°purple monthˇ± the children picked grapes, made cupcakes and their very own paper mache grapes.

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