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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

November 2010

A Time to Celebrate

When dealing daily with “special need” orphans one can easily be weighed down with the need part of “special need”. But lately we have felt so blessed by having the opportunity to do what we do. We have much to celebrate and we invite you to celebrate with us.

Celebrate with us the lonely being placed in families - the recent adoptions of Emma and Cooper.

Celebrate with us the opportunity to completely change a life - the new arrivals this time are Annabelle, Evie, Nicole, Jabin, and Melissa.

Celebrate with us successful surgeries - Kiah (heart), Claire (lung), Nicole (spina bifida), and Brooke (heart).

Celebrate with us answered prayer - Claire’s miraculous recovery.


Amazing Story

Formula Project
Celebrate with us dealing a blow to malnourishment - the formula project with 84 currently enrolled (1 year old and younger) and 533 having successfully graduated from the program since we started in 2006.

ND South

Celebrate with us the hiring of our first staff at New Day South. We are a team and what a great team it has become.


Thank You

Celebrate with us a growing number of partners and friends – one even recently donated a car.

Celebrate with us all the fun times we have – Kids being kids, a birthday party, the wild life park, somewhat impromptu scooter rides for all, and finally keeping warm (hats, sweaters, scarves hand knit with NZ wool) while playing in crunchy fall leaves.

Warm and stylish

Faster, faster!

Wild Life Park

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