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Newsletter - Bejing | ND South | ND North

November, 2013

Adoption vs A Longing Unfulfilled

Rejoice with Alice, Meilin and Cooper whose longing has been fulfilled- they are now with their forever families.

Then.....unfulfilled longings!
Multiple times a day she asks us about her family. Where are they? Are they almost here? Can she call them? Is that pretty foreign woman getting a tour her mama? Lucy's heart is near breaking. She has special needs that make her look different and act different, but as we've gotten to know her these past four years, we've discovered a beauty and innocence in her little heart that rivals any "normal" child. Lucy knows that she does not have a family and she knows that she needs one. Her longing, for so many years, has gone unfulfilled. It is our deepest desire that the craving of her heart will soon be satisfied because every child needs a family.

Love Does Make a Difference

Scientific and medical studies show that a lack of love can stunt children's physical, emotional and intellectual growth. There is even a name for this affliction; "psychosocial deprivation." When Zoe arrived at New Day she was suffering from just that. But it didn't take long for us to see a transformation in her life that amazed us, and gave us hope for other children like Zoe.

Today Zoe is a beautiful demonstration of the healing power of love. It was love that was needed to make her little body grow and begin to thrive, and it's love that sends us hunting for bigger clothes for quickly-growing Zoe. Love works miracles, and Zoe's life is proof. Read her Amazing Story.

No Words Necessary

Sign language is quickly taking over the foster home! It all started with the babies learning simple signs such as "more" and "book;" and then Lillian, our speech therapist, made sign language part of her curriculum. Now Lydia knows how to ask for candy and Melinda is speaking in full sentences! Her favorite sentence is, "I want more cookie."

We're excited for the children - their communication skills are quickly improving! And we're quite entertained ourselves... watching Esther and Rebecca ask for a piece of candy with expectant grins on their faces just can't be beat.

End Of The Year Giving

In Benjamin's Memory,
Lives will be Saved

Many of you will remember one of our little miracles, Benjamin. His whole life was a fight for survival, and despite the many miracles that accompanied his story, he went to his rest this summer.

Fighting for the lives of children like Benjamin, giving them every possible chance and loving them every minute of the way is our mission. In honor of Benjamin, we would like to invite you to come along with us and support our life-saving work.

As part of your end-of-the-year giving, please consider making a donation to Benjamin's Memorial Fund (tax-deductible) and give other orphans in China a chance to live.

Liver x 3

A liver transplant in China is near-impossible. For an orphan to become the recipient of an organ is definitely impossible... or so we were told. We decided to take a risk - a leap of faith, and last year we accepted Alea into our care. Her diagnosis, Biliary Atresia, was essentially a death-sentence. But Alea didn't die. She received the gift of a new liver and since then we have watched amazed as two other children, Talia and Mark, also survived liver transplants. This miracle is no longer "unheard" of.

In August, little Albert arrived at New Day. He is also in need of a new liver - his skin is orange and his breathing labored.

His turn is next...

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