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Bringing a new day to a new place..

New Day South, March 2012 Update

After a relatively mild and quiet winter, we are now 'springing' into action here in south China.

Earlier this month, Asa returned to the hospital for his 2nd surgery.  The surgery went well, and he is back home now and doing great. Some of you will remember we took Benjamin to the hospital last fall for cleft lip and palate surgery, only to discover that he first needed heart surgery.  Now that he has recovered and his little heart is stronger, it is time for his cleft surgery later this week.

While waiting for a bed to open for Benjamin, we received an unexpected call on Monday of this week from a small rural orphanage asking us to help a two week old baby girl. Charlotte arrived at New Day South late that night, and the next morning we were on our way to the hospital in Guangzhou.  We now know that this beautiful little girl has several problems to overcome, including a serious heart defect.  Whatever she may be facing, we are glad that we could be here for her and were able to say "yes" when the call came.

Busy month!  Yes, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  This is what we are all about - providing quality medical care and a loving home to special-needs orphans from smaller, under-resourced orphanages, and doing all we can to see each child placed in a family of his or her own.

With Charlotte's arrival, we now have eight children living in our small foster home.  Looking ahead, we want to be ready when the next call comes.  Over the next couple of months, we hope to be hiring and training several new nannies.  And, the time is not far away that we will need to move from our rented apartment into a more suitable facility for the children.

We are very aware that it is only through the generosity of our friends and supporters that this can happen. Visit our website to learn how you can be a part. Thank youfor helping make a difference in the lives of these oh-so-special children!

Doug Bush
New Day South

Welcome, little Charlotte!

Charlotte is in the hospital now while the doctors complete their diagnoses and determine how best to help her.



"Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they're not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes."  

~~David Platt


Asa's back home .. and doing great.  Couldn't ask for a better little patient! Benjamin is in thehospital now and making new friends. Surgery now scheduled for Saturday. We've been blessedwith a great group of staff and volunteers. Welcome, Anneli, to our small but growing team!

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