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New Day South, July 2012 Update

Those who visit our website or facebook page may have noticed that little Renee has a new name. Indeed, Annie not only has a new name, but she now has a waiting family who are no doubt doing everything they can to come get her as soon as possible! I suspect that our neighbors near the foster home wondered what all the excitement was about when we first heard the news. We are regularly praying for, and expecting to hear more news like this for our children in 2012. Not only are we thrilled when a child is joined to his or her forever family, but this also frees up space for us to bring in new children.

Speaking of new children, we are happy to announce the arrival of Sammy, our most recent addition at the foster home. We first met Sammy a couple of weeks ago while visiting some of the orphanages we work with. This trip served as a fresh and vivid reminder that there are still many children needing special intervention and help, giving them a chance at life itself with the hope that they too will someday be able to know the love of family.

Sammy is one of those children. Because of his very serious and worsening heart condition, Sammy was taken straight to the hospital where he is now waiting to undergo heart surgery in less than 24 hours. Please join with us in praying for this special little fellow.

We speak of our mission at New Day Foster Home as "bringing hope to the hopeless and the fatherless home". Doing everything we can to see children like Sammy restored to health, and knowing our job is not complete until we see each child leave with their very own family (as Annie will soon do) is indeed what we are all about.

We so appreciate all who help make this work possible. Please visit our website to learn more of how you can be a part of making a difference in the children's lives.

Doug Bush
New Day South

Why is Annie smiling so?
(We think her new name fits her wonderfully)

Welcome Sammy!  Our newest addition at the foster home.



"Every baby needs a lap"
- Henry Robin

"I have four children.
Two are adopted. I
forget which two."
- Tom Constantine


Asa comes home  today after his third and final surgery.  We're all eager to welcome him back in a few hours.  Now, we wait for his forever family to find him! We think the docs dida wonderful job on Benjamin's cleft lip and palate surgery a few months ago.  What a handsome little man you are, Mr. Benjamin! Watch 'em grow!  Marshall continues to amaze us all with his progress.  Charlotte is also doing well as we prepare for her 1st surgery in a couple of months.

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