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New Day South, Fall 2012 Update

Holiday greetings from the children and staff of New Day South Foster Home! This year, the Mid-Autumn festival falls together with China's national holiday week, making for one long celebration. While the festivities may take various forms across the country, for most people, the common denominator will be spending time with family.

Last Mid-Autumn festival, our New Day South familyhad a total of 6 children. This year, we have 11 children in-house with number 12 readying to come soon after the holiday.  Every new child has brought new blessing to our growing foster home, and it is indeed our joy and privilege to know, care for, and love each one of these special little ones.

When number 12 arrives next month, however, we will have a "full house". While we are hoping to secure our own property sometime in the upcoming year, the next step will be to double our current capacity by renting a 2nd apartment adjacent (or very close) to our current location.  As soon as we can make the arrangements, we will be re-opening our room sponsorship program for those who want to be a part of helping make this happen.

New Children

Earlier this month, we received a phone call asking us to help a 4 day old baby boy in need of emergency surgery. Just as we did with our other newly-borns (Asa, Marshall and Charlotte), we immediately took little Matthew to the hospital where the doctors performed surgery later that same day. The surgery went well, and after 10 days in NICU, we all welcomed "Xiao Didi" to the foster home just two days ago. Matthew has a lot of challenges yet before him, and we want to do all we can to help him have the best life possible.

Also this month, we received a phone call from a nearby orphanage asking for help with an 11 year old girlDaphne has been ill in recent weeks, and the local doctors in her hometown were not sure how to help her.  We are working with doctors in Guangzhou now to determine how best to restore her to health.  Daphne may return to her orphanage when she is doing better, but for now, we are blessed to have this happy little lady with us.

We are so grateful for all of you, our friends and supporters, that have stood with us in the launching of New Day South. Every gift - large or small, every guest and volunteer, every email, every facebook "like", everyblog comment, every prayer, all give us great encouragement to keep moving forward with the vision of New Day South.


Doug Bush

Welcome, Matthew!
Our newest addition, little Matthew came to us at 4 days of age.  All of our toddlers were quite eager to meet their new 'little brother'.

Welcome, Daphne!
After bringing in so many little babies over this last year, it was a treat to welcome this young lady, and now big sister, to the foster home.


Little Charlotte was finally big enough to have her heart surgery last month. She'll need another surgery before too long, but we are so glad to see our little 'mei mei' one step closer to full health.

Asa is back from the hospital since we last wrote - happy, healthy and ready for his forever family to find him! Sammy is looking good after his surgery. We are very pleased to see him 'catching up' so quickly developmentally. Happy Birthday!!
In addition to the holiday festivities, guess who celebrated her birthday a few days ago?

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