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Bringing a new day to a new place..

New Day South, Christmas 2012

Over the last two years, our foster home has slowly, but steadily grown until we filled the last bed in our current facility in early October.  As exciting as welcoming a new child can be, however, nothing quite matches the joy of seeing these little ones leave with their new adoptive families.   

After a season of slower-than-hoped-for adoption activity, you can only imagine our excitement when we learned last month that three of our children would soon be joining their new families!

How wonderful to see these children, once-abandoned, now the objects of so much joy, anticipation and love by moms and dads doing all they can to bring their new little ones "home".

Home for the Holidays
Annie to her new family.  (We are so happy for her!) Now, we are busy doing all we can to help prepare Benjamin and Sophie to meet their new families in the coming weeks.  

As these children leave, we will soon be welcoming new children so they can begin their journey to healing, home and family.  This is what we do at New Day Foster Home - "bringing hope to the hopeless and the fatherless home".

Christmas at the Foster Home
It's definitely "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" around the foster home.  The Christmas tree is now up and decorated, and gifts for each of the children from their sponsors are arriving daily.  (You can keep up with the children's activities during Christmas by checking in on our Facebook page from time to time.)

While there may not be time left to mail a package to China, you can still send a financial gift to benefit the children at Christmas and beyond at this Paypal link (to mail a check, see "How to Help" below).

For our friends in near-by Hong Kong, we are happy to report that we are now registered as an approved Hong Kong charity.  (Until we have more information available on our website, please reply to this email for more information about tax-exempt giving.)

Thank you so much for standing with us during 2012 and remembering the fatherless during this special time of the year.

Doug Bush and the New Day South Team

Zai Jian, Annie!
Little Annie, who has been with us the longest, left a few days ago and is now with her new family.


Benjamin is
packing his

bags now and hopes to be with his new family before Christmas!


Looks like we'll get to 
spend one more Christmas with Sophie, but her new family plans to arrive soon afterwards.

Welcome, Leila!
This little lady had heart surgery soon after arriving in early October.  So good to see more and more of this sweet little smile.
Daphne has a few
more doctor, hospital and dental visits ahead. We're so glad to see her happy and on the road to better health!
Jewel can't waitfor Christmas to get here so she can open all her presents (thank you! to all who have sent gifts to our children this year.)

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