Admiring the Ornaments
Even More Therapy Fun
Aquarium Trip 2014
Thanksgiving Feast 2014
Thanksgiving Hats
Four Little Cuties
November Birthdays 2014
Caterpillar Party
Fun New Friend
Botanical Gardens 2014
Autumn Leaves 2014
October Birthdays 2014
Thank You Cummins!
The Dentist With Pink Sunglasses
More Therapy Fun
A Baking Adventure
Celebrating Clean Water
October Playroom Fun
Making Masterpieces
A Very Fun Donation Ceremony
After Grape-Picking
Grape Picking 2014
Haven't They Grown?
Babies In The Backyard
Enjoying the Playground
A Mid-Autumn Festival Feast


Therapy is one of the most anticipated parts of the day for our kids. It's not always easy, but something about learning new things, exceeding expectations, and doing the impossible make therapy totally worth all the hard work. Each day we see small victories made in the therapy room. It's remarkable.

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