Birthday: March 9, 2015

Isaiah was born March 9, 2015 and abandoned about six months later, and admitted to the local orphanage on August 20, 2015. Isaiah has a neurological disorder and was very weak and struggling with malnutrition when we first met him. On October 20, 2015, Isaiah joined the New Day North family and everyone fell in love with him from the start. He weighed less than 12 pounds upon arrival. Although he was weak and fragile, Isaiah fought hard and his nannies cared for him diligently. After just a few weeks of tender loving care, he started gaining weight, smiling, and even playing with toys and looking at books. We hope that we will continue to see Isaiah grow and thrive and one day join a forever family of his own.


Help Needed

Daily Needs: Sponsors needed

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We provide this information to give our sponsors and supporters a general idea of the challenges our children face. For prospective adoptive parents, this information is not intended to be a substitute for a complete and up-to-date referral packet from your adoption agency. Please keep in mind that in our communications, we always try to focus on a child's strengths, accomplishments, and positive developments, not in an attempt to gloss-over their often serious medical conditions, but in an effort to share a glimpse of their precious personalities.

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