April 19, 2017 - November 7, 2017  


So many times life doesn’t make sense.
Losing Luan doesn’t make sense.

Luan was born with a serious heart condition and we were committed to fight for him. We were committed to seeking the best possible care for him and would not stop until he was healed.

The news that Luan had passed away was a shock and left many of us asking why. It was so sudden, so tragic, and so unexpected. He was so loved by so many and captivated us with his big, beautiful eyes and sweet smile.

We never stopped hoping, we never stopped believing, and we never stopped fighting because Luan was so worth it.

We may not understand, but we rest in the reassurance that his heart is now fully healed. And in time, our hearts will heal as well. We could give up, but we won’t. We will continue to choose hope, joy, and love.