December 15, 2013 - March 30, 2018

Precious Ruby, oh how we miss you.

How our broken hearts ache at the knowledge that you are no longer here with us. Yet, even through the pain and tears, we remember you, and your memory brings us hope. We remember how you brought life to us all. We loved to hear your voice – when you were happy, your cheerful sounds made our hearts smile. Even when you cried, our hearts felt connected to yours, and now we wish we could hear those cries once again. Today, your voice is missing from our home, and we miss you so much.

You loved for people to be close to you and, when we held your hands, you looked up at us with those huge, smiling eyes. You trusted us, and as we saw your unstoppable will to live and watched you fight through so much, we learned about hope in a new way.

We never imagined it would end this way. And it all happened so quickly. We all had things we wanted to say to you, but did not have the chance. To say that we love you. To say good-bye. To say that you truly gave more to us than we ever gave to you.

It was Good Friday the day you left us - the day the sky went dark and the whole earth trembled… and when you left, everything suddenly looked so dark, and our hearts trembled. But Ruby, you know better than any of us now, that where you are there is no darkness, there are no more tears. Now, you can run and play. Now you can talk and sing. We all longed for you one day to be adopted. Today, we rest in the hope that you have truly been adopted by your Forever Daddy, who loves you with an everlasting love.