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* These children have been matched with a family


In recent days, children across Guangdong province have been recalled from private foster care centers back to state welfare institutions. While we had hoped we would not be affected by this action, our little ones have already been returned to their home orphanages.

This action resulted from the recent discovery of substandard care and neglect in a care center in another part of Guangdong province (in no way related to New Day.) Unfortunately, this province-wide recall is affecting children in many well-managed foster homes and private care centers.

We are sad to report that four of our most critical children also had to return to their home orphanages. Many people worked very hard to change this outcome. We are especially appreciative of the efforts made by the children’s home orphanages to try to allow their children stay with us. However, this directive came from the highest levels of provincial government and no exceptions were allowed.

For now, we will be directing our efforts to insuring the health and welfare of the four children still in need of critical medical care. Several of our best caregivers returned with the children and will remain on temporary assignment at the orphanages to help with their transition and to give training to the orphanage staff.

Stuart, who is not from Guangdong province, will be going to our Beijing facility. His home orphanage knowing they were unable to care for him made this request.


* These children have been matched with a family

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