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As the backbone of New Day Foster Home¡¯s work, our medical program treats children from across China with life-threatening medical problems. To preserve the privacy of the children in our care, we do not post detailed medical information about the surgeries that they have undergone.
Surgeries Completed 2018


Ze Da
Neurological Surgery
Surgery: 03-20-2018
Heart Surgery
Surgery: 03-20-2018
GI Surgery
Surgery: 03-15-2018
GI Surgery
Surgery: 01-19-2018
Heart Surgery
Surgery: 01-12-2018
Heart Surgery
Surgery: 01-04-2018


Heart Surgery
Surgery: 01-12-2018

Surgeries Completed in Past Years
201737 Surgeries completed
201630 Surgeries completed
201539 Surgeries completed
201436 Surgeries completed
201336 Surgeries completed
201228 Surgeries completed
201123 Surgeries completed
201021 Surgeries completed
200934 Surgeries completed
200821 Surgeries completed
200731 Surgeries completed
200618 Surgeries completed
200517 Surgeries completed
20048 Surgeries completed
20038 Surgeries completed
20025 Surgeries completed

When a child with a complex medical condition enters their care, many orphanages have no way to help. Inadequate access to advanced medical care and limited financial resources often leave an orphanage with no viable options to treat a child.

That¡¯s where we come in. Government orphanages turn to us to help in their most hopeless cases. In some circumstances, we also accept orphans who are not part of the government orphanage system.

Our in-house medical team consults with some of China's top pediatric doctors, developing a treatment plan. Most of these treatments are executed in Beijing-area hospitals, which are among the best in China. Surgeries are funded by sponsors donating to our Medical Program.

Though each child has a unique story and circumstances, every one is an orphan with a severe medical need who most likely would die without treatment if it were not for our intervention.

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