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Urgent Need

Since the beginning of 2009, enrollment in our formula project has steadily increased. In previous years, our average monthly enrollment hovered around 50-60 children, but now we average around 100 infants in the project.

The numbers sadden us, for behind each of them is the life of a child who has suffered what no child should ever suffer ¡ª the loss of his or her family. The orphanages enrolled in our formula project depend on New Day Foster Home to provide them with nutritious and high-quality infant formula for the children in their care. We remain committed to providing our partner orphanages with the formula they need for all of their infants under one, but with the increased enrollment, we need your help to make that possible now more than ever.

Infant formula is the foster home¡¯s single greatest supply need. Each child in our formula project needs 8 bags of formula powder each month, so we use over 1,000 bags every month. Over the course of a year, we spend about 2,900 RMB ($425 USD) per child on formula.

How You Can Help

As enrollment in the projects has increased, so has our need to form partnerships with individuals and organizations to meet this need. You can help by:


  • Signing up as a formula sponsor.
  • Putting the ¡°Milk Money¡± logo on your blog and website to raise awareness.
  • Using your corporate contacts. Maybe you can help us make the connection we need with a major infant formula company like Nestle or Wyeth to get ongoing formula donations or a discounted price.
  • Challenging friends, family, and colleagues to match your donation. If every new sponsor committed to finding one additional sponsor, contributions would double!
  • Running a Milk Money drive at your church or school. Set out old milk jugs to be filled with spare change, and the total amount raised will help save infants¡¯ lives.
  • Hosting a baby shower, even if there¡¯s no new baby! It¡¯s a good excuse for a party with friends, and everyone can chip in to provide for babies on the other side of the world.
  • Giving formula as a Christmas present. With the holidays just around the corner, a sponsorship in honor of someone ¡°who has it all¡± might be just the thing. They¡¯d get monthly updates on the children¡¯s progress, and your gift would change lives.
  • Brainstorming your own ideas. Bake and craft sales, lemonade stands, a garage sale, a marathon ¨C the sky is the limit!


FAQ: Can I send formula?

While we certainly accept donations of formula, shipping it to us is not a cost-effective way to meet our formula needs. International shipping is very expensive, and we can make your donation go much further if you allow us to purchase high-quality formula in China. We only use formula manufactured by internationally-respected companies, and we feel confident that the product we buy in-country fully meets the nutritional needs of our children.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact Carrie McKean at

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