Healing Home

With our long history of providing excellent medical care to critically ill orphans, we often find ourselves with waiting lists of children needing our help. When a child dies while waiting for space at our facility, the loss is especially agonizing. We launched New Day Healing Home in early 2008 so we could say "Yes" to more children in need of surgery and specialized medical care.

At the Healing Home, we focus on caring for children during the time of their medical treatment and recovery. Afterwards they return to their orphanage or foster home. This model of care enables us to help more children each year, many of whom simply would not survive without timely medical intervention.

Though these children may not be with us long term, they experience a high level of love and individual attention during this critical time of their lives. And while we may not have the joy of seeing these children join their adoptive families, we know the joy of seeing life restored and hope given.

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