The new favorite toy
Therapy room
December Birthday Party!
Christmas Traditions
Gingerbread Houses
Oh Christmas tree!
Ornaments and Christmas Trees
Thanksgiving Festivities!
Thanksgiving Hats
November Birthday Party
Playing in the Leaves
Bouncing Fun
New Babies
We Love Our Pets!
October Birthday Party
Cozy Clothes
Volunteer Fun!
Fall Leaves
Finger Painting Fun!
Eating Mooncakes!
Lunch for Mid Autumn Festival
Grape Picking!
Bouncy Castle!
Afternoon Preschool!
Surprise Cupcakes!
Beautiful Days
August Birthday Party
Hard at Work!
Summer Footprints
Pool Time
New Babies!
Picking Pears
July Birthday Party
Water Fun!
Picking Cucumbers!
Bows, bows, and more Bows!
4th of July!
A Rainy Day
Working Hard in the Therapy Rooms
June Birthday Party
Wild Animal Park Fun
"Baby Baby"
Bounce for Joy
Children’s Day
Dragon Boat Festival
May Birthday Party
Sponsor Party: Love Around The World
Making Hearts
Happy Mother's Day!
Planting Flowers
Playground Fun
April Birthday Party
Spring Flowers
Celebrating Earth Day
Easter Egg Hunt!
Easter Eggs!
A trip to the market
Bunny Ears!
New Day Animals
Sand Box Fun
A Peek into the Therapy Rooms
March Birthday Party
Pony Rides
Bouncing Fun!
International Women's Day!
Warm and Cozy
February Birthday Party!
Snow Day
Chinese New Year Celebration!
January Birthday Party!
Decorating for Chinese New Year!
Therapy Day
Keeping Warm
Fun with Volunteers!
Beautiful Hats

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Christmas Clothes
Merry Christmas from the Westin Hotel
Christmas 2016
Decorating Christmas Cookies
December Birthday Party
Trimming the Trees
Christmas Crafts
Sweet Babies
November Birthday Party
Cold weather, warm sweaters
A Thanksgiving Extravaganza!
Thanksgiving Hats!
Lot of Leaves!!!
Little Ladybugs
Clowns, Magicians, and Cotton Candy
New Cars in the Backyard
Donations Donations Dontations!
October Birthday Party
Music Class
Sweet Foster Siblings
Backyard Adventures
Grape Picking
September Birthday Party!
A Trip to the Aquarium
Bouncy Castle Fun
Mid Autumn Festival 2016
Making Mooncakes
Two New Additions to Afternoon Preschool
Preschool Bowling
Boys on the Playground
Courtyard Fun!
August Team
Summer Harvest
August Birthdays
An Exciting Day in the Preschool!
Glow in the Dark Kind of Day
Friends, some old some new
Backyard School

Sibling Love
July Birthday Party, 2016!
Music and Volunteers
Knitted with Love
Summer Hand and Foot Print Kites
July team 2016
A Trip to the Water Park!
Bubbles and smiles!
Parachute Fun
New Hats and Clothes!
4th of July!
Afternoon Preschool Adventures
Preschool Tunnel fun
June Birthday Party 2016
Water Fun
Foster Family Cuties: June 2016
Our New Babies! June, 2016
Zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival, 2016
Dress-Up Fun! June, 2016
Sponsor Party, 2016
May Birthday Party, 2016
Beijing Wildlife Park, 2016
ORU Team, 2016
What's Happening In The Therapy Room? May 2016
Wonderful Donations
Balloons In Preschool
Happy Mothers' Day, 2016
Flower Planting Day, 2016
Gift-bag Fun!
Blossoms In The Backyard, 2016
Going To See The Flowers...
What a Fun Field Trip! April 2016
April Birthdays, 2016
Shadow Puppets
Spring Fling 2016
Fluffy Friends
Bunny Hats
Edible Leaves
Meeting The New Kid
Crazy Balloon Fun
Easter Eggs 2016
Making (and Wearing) Butterflies

Foster Family Cuties! March 2016
March Birthdays 2016
Celebrating St Patrick's Day
Pinwheel Fun
Busy in the Therapy Room, March 2016
In Honor of International Women's Day...
Building blocks
Precious Babies-February 2016
February Birthdays 2016
300th Adoption Celebration
Foster Family Jiaozi Party 2016
Making Jiaozi in the Foster Home 2016
Chinese New Year Decorations 2016
Making Chinese New Year Decorations
A Package from Germany
Visiting the Dentist - January 2016
January Birthdays 2016
The First Team of 2016
Caterpillar-tunnel Fun!
Morning Preschool Fun, January 2016
With Love From New Zealand 2016
Christmas Prints
A New Day Christmas 2015
Christmas Cookie Decorating 2015
Deck the Halls 2015
Gifts from The Westin Hotel
New Sweaters! December 2015
Upstairs Playroom, December 2015
Playroom Fun, December 2015
A Snowy Day

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