The New Day Experience
Millions of Chinese people study English every year, yet many of them still lack the confidence to carry on a simple conversation with a native English speaker. This is largely because of the way in which they’ve been taught. English language students in China often memorize endless vocabulary lists and study grammar for hours every day, but have very little opportunity to actually practice speaking the language. This causes them to become discouraged easily. So while many Chinese have the ability to read and write English, they still cannot reach their primary goal of speaking fluently.

At New Day, we teach differently. Our primary goal is to improve oral communication skills. Our classes are small, interactive, and engaging. We have a firm “English only” policy for the entire day and require that all our teachers be native English speakers. This is an environment where students are essentially immersed in the English language for a minimum of eight hours a day. We find that with this format, our students improve their language ability quickly and dramatically. As they progress each week, our students grow in confidence and become more excited to learn.

We recruit students at varying levels of ability, which we assess at the beginning of each semester. Some of our students are beginners, while others have a basic grasp of the language but need to continue improving their vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Our students are mostly college-aged, but some of them are working professionals who want to improve their English ability so they can continue to advance professionally.

Quick Facts

Current Enrollment: 66
Men: 29
Women: 37
Average Age: 24 (men: 22.5, women: 25.8)
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:1
Average Class Size: 13; Maximum class size: 15; Minimum class size: 8

Classes Offered
• Core Oral English – All Levels
• Academic Research and Writing – Level 5
• Study Skills – Level 3
• Simple Sentences – Levels 1 and 2
• Phonics – All Levels
• Current Events – Level 5
• Business English – Levels 4 & 5
• Listening – Level 3
• Discussion and Debate – Levels 3, 4 & 5
• Grammar – All Levels

Special Recognition
2008 Outstanding School DaXing District, Beijing
(8 out of about 140 schools received this award)

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