The New Day Experience
A teaching experience at New Day gives you the opportunity to live and work in a small and intimate community, while also being close to one of the world’s biggest and most exciting cities.

We are located just an hour from the heart of Beijing, a city busting with fast growth and remarkable history. In your free time, you can explore all the city has to offer. There are countless neighborhoods, stores and restaurants to discover, as well as many famous sites to visit like the Forbidden City, Great Wall, and Olympic Park. The history, cuisine, architecture and Chinese traditions you will experience in Beijing are like no other city in the world.

Just a ten-minute walk from our front gate is the little farming town of Qingyundian. It is here where you can purchase fresh local produce at outdoor markets and practice your Chinese language skills.

School vacations and Chinese holidays are also excellent times to consider traveling throughout China or to other nearby countries like Thailand, Japan, or South Korea.

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