Every day this week I had the honor to hold and play with some of the best children I have ever seen or known. Yet, this wouldn’t be possible if New Day or its staff weren’t here to provide for the little lives we now as a group have come to care so much about. This is why I am so incredibly thankful for the staff and founders of New Day. Everything they do is ultimately a blessing and a symbol for hope for me.

Kasea, Volunteer

The New Day Experience
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When you come to volunteer with New Day, you are touching lives and making an impact. You will work alongside local Chinese people and experience a rich and beautiful culture. As a volunteer, you are not an outside observer but a participant. The experiences you will have are both authentic and unforgettable.

Coming overseas to volunteer is an inspiring and stretching journey -- making friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Volunteering abroad ignites a heart for other parts of the world and deepens your sense of social responsibility. During your time at New Day, you will gain new insight into the country of China. As your perspective widens, you will also learn more about yourself and your unique role in the world. Volunteering in China can often be an overwhelming and intense time, but you will see yourself change in ways that are difficult to accomplish from the comforts of home.

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